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    'Aurora' is the alleged top-secret hypersonic aircraft project undertaken by the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. This site was established for informational purposes only. It is not responsible for claims made at the linked sites, and no specific claims or beliefs are inferred.

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  • Area 51/Groom Lake
    The Aurora has long been rumored to fly from the top-secret Area 51 facility at Groom Lake, Nevada. Here are links related to the mysterious, legendary proving ground.
    Ufomind: Area 51
    A well-researched list of Area 51-related links.

    Aliens on Earth: Area 51
    The same content as the above Ufomind site. Not maintained since early 2000, but still a good resource. Area 51
    A general description of Area 51 on a very attractive site.
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    The Original Area 51 Headquarters
    A site devoted to Area 51 and its activities and aircraft.

    Noel's Home Page: Pictures of Area 51
    A repository of Area 51 photos. Includes 3-D, area photos, and satellite images.

    Area 51: Flyin' High at the Paradise Ranch
    A well-written history of Area 51 from Loy Lawhon, host of's UFO/Aliens page.

    Noel's Home Page: Area 51 Maps and Warning Signs
    Two images of area maps and two images of Area 51 'no trespassing' signs.

    Area 51 Resources
    A handsome site with many links to Area 51 topics, other websites, and images. Too much to list them all here!

    Area 51 Black Aircraft
    A relative of the Area 51 Resources, this is another good-looking site that lists many of Area 51's famous aircraft. Loads of images to browse, too.
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    Above Top Secret: Area 51 Installation
    A good overview of the famous U.S. military test facility.
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    The Truth: Area 51
    A site with several large images of Area 51.

    Area 51 Command Post: Area 51
    A very hard-to-read site, with extensive links to Area 51 informational pages.

    Area 51 Command Post: Area 51 Main Base
    Features more than 20 Area 51 images. VERY slow loading, but many hard-to-find, high-quality images.

    Area 51 Command Post: Area 51 Pictures
    Features more than 20 Area 51 images in addition to the above. VERY slow loading, but many hard-to-find, high-quality images.

    The Smoking Gun Research Agency - Area 51: The Base that Doesn't Exist
    A general description of Area 51, with several good images.

    Groom Lake Timeline
    A chronological 20th Century history of the Groom Lake area and aircraft tested there. Written by Tom Mahood.
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  • Mirror site
  • Mirror site (similar to URL above)

    Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles - David Darlington
    A review of Darlington's book, located at Area 51 Resources

    Roberts Government Conspiracy Page: Area 51 (Main Page)
    Links to a couple of Area 51-oriented pages and related articles.

    Roberts Government Conspiracy Page: Area 51 FAQ
    A few general questions about Area 51 are answered.

    Roberts Government Conspiracy Page: Area 51 Glossary
    A glossary of Area 51 terminology by Glenn Campbell.

    "Bethland": Area 51 - Top Secret
    A website with links to information for people planning to travel to Area 51.

    "Bethland": Area 51 - FAQ
    An Area 51 FAQ based on Usenet questions.

    The Unexplained: Area 51
    A good description of Area 51, with a nice collection of images on the same page.

    The Unexplained: Area 51 Timeline
    This is Tom Mahood's Groom Lake Timeline under another name.

    Dreamland - Phil Patton
    A review of Patton's book, located at Area 51 Resources.

    What is hidden in Area 51?
    An interesting essay on Area 51 and its mysteries.

    Groom Lake
    An aging vanity page with dead images and a short paragraph on Area 51.

    Noel's Home Page: General Directory
    This is a general directory listing of all files on Noel's site. This is certainly one of the best repositories of Area 51 images available on the Net.

    The New Area 51
    An article by Jim Wilson for the June 1997 Popular Mechanics magazine. Here, Wilson asserts that the Area 51 facility was shut down and its operations moved to a new location in Utah. This article was widely derided by military aircraft fans for journalistic and speculative errors. Nevertheless, the online article has several attractive images, and it makes for a pleasant read.
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  • The same article in plain-text format
  • The same article in plain-text format

    Area 51 Closed?
    In a very pointed rebuttal, Steve Douglass refutes the claim made in Popular Mechanics that operations at Area 51 were moved to another location in Utah. Douglass makes a direct response to Jim Wilson's Popular Mechanics article from June 1997. Found on TOTSE site.

    Area 51: Behind the Black Curtain
    A long, entertaining essay about Area 51, the people, and the intrigue surrounding it.
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  • The same article on Daily Revolution
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    Area 51 Gallery
    An excellent collection of Area 51 photos in thumbnail format.

    UFOPedia Database: Area 51
    A description of Area 51 with an image.

    Area 51
    A brief school paper about Area 51.

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