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    'Aurora' is the alleged top-secret hypersonic aircraft project undertaken by the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. This site was established for informational purposes only. It is not responsible for claims made at the linked sites, and no specific claims or beliefs are inferred.

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  • Aurora Websites
    General links to Aurora websites.
    Federation of American Scientists: Mystery Aircraft - Aurora/Senior Citizen
    This is the ultimate starting point for anyone interested in learning about the Aurora. A seminar on the Aurora in a single visit.
  • Mirror site
  • Mirror site

    The Aurora Aircraft Page The Aurora Aircraft Page
    The leading site on the Aurora, with the widest coverage of the subject.
  • An older version of the AAP at GeoCities (not maintained)
  • An older version at Dencity (not maintained)

    Above Top Secret: Aurora - USAF Secret Hypersonic Spyplane
    An excellent description of the Aurora. Maintained by Simon Gray.
  • Mirror site at
  • Mirror site at (similar URL to above)

    Aliens on Earth: Aurora
    A site of well-documented links to Aurora information and articles.

    Federation of American Scientists: Secrecy & Government Bulletin
    Analysis and tentative conclusions about the Aurora mystery. (Scroll down on the page to find Aurora reference)

    Federation of American Scientists: Mystery - Exotic Propulsion Aircraft
    An excellent compendium of research into exotic, high-speed propulsion.

    Federation of American Scientists: Searching for Mystery Aircraft
    Piecing together the evidence of mystery aircraft.

    The 1989 North Sea Sighting
    The eyewitness account of a triangular aircraft sighting off Norfolk, England in August 1989.

    Aurora Timeline
    A possible timeline of events in the Aurora's history from 1989 to 1996. Listed on Adrian Mann's site.

    Aurora: The "Donuts on a Rope" Contrail
    Photos and description of a sighting of a "donuts" contrail in 1997. Listed on Adrian Mann's site. The Aurora Project
    A basic description of the Aurora on a very attractive site.
  • Mirror site on similar URL

    The Original Area 51 Headquarters: Aurora
    This Aurora site includes a map of encounter reports, and an essay of a possible link between the X-33 program and the Aurora.
  • Unframed version of the above site

    Black Dawn: Aurora
    An unframed site with an interesting link between TAV projects and the Aurora, but otherwise a bit meandering.

    "The Croft": Aurora
    An unnamed site which looks eerily similar to Simon Gray's current "Above Top Secret" Aurora page.

    Stealth Fighters @ SpyBean WebSite: Aurora
    A general description of the Aurora, along with Adrian Mann's Aurora images and an animated Zip file.

    "Area 51/Shuttle": Aurora Spyplane
    An unnamed Aurora site with general information and a very dated design.

    The Truth: Aurora
    A short description of the Aurora, with an image collage.

    Area 51 Command Post: Aurora
    A very hard-to-read site, but with an interesting collection of key-word associations to Aurora.

    Filer's Research Institute: Aurora
    A simple site with interesting information and several sighting reports.

    Aurora Time Line
    A possible Aurora timeline, essentially the same as the Aurora Aircraft Page's timeline.
  • Mirror site

    The Smoking Gun Research Agency: Aurora
    A site with familiar information and images. Part of a report, "Aurora: Plane of Secrecy."

    Dubery Aviation Page: Black Projects
    An excellent resource of links to magazine and newspaper articles on mystery aircraft.

    The Unexplained: Aurora
    A fairly good essay on the Aurora, with several familiar images and a unique "donuts" contrail image.

    Secret Military Testing
    A description of an e-mail sent from a visitor to a website called "UFO Phenomena in the North."

    Paranormal Research Primer: Aurora
    An almost entirely worthless description of Aurora "in 25 words or less," only interesting for claiming Aurora has flown since 1980.

    Uncovered: ATi Project Aurora
    Perhaps the most obtuse Aurora link on this entire website! This is a "hardware preview" of a video accelerator project by ATi, who decided to attach the Aurora name to it for the "prestige factor." Previewed by Sharky Extreme website. Actually includes a short synopsis of Aurora and two images!
  • Mirror site at similar URL

    Can a military aircraft travel at a speed of Mach 8?
    An answer to a question of physics, and some speculation on what kind of aircraft could travel at hypersonic speeds.
  • Mirror site at similar URL

    Secret Government Technology
    A presentation by Edgar Rothschild Fouche’. He discusses many secret programs including the "Aurora Program," which he describes as an umbrella-term for many different aircraft projects. The Aurora aircraft itself is instead designated the SR-75, according to Fouche’.
  • Mirror site at Analogous Images

    "This page has been hacked by '26'"
    Someone hacked a high school's webpage and used an article on government mysteries as alternate content. A description of the Aurora can be found about 2/3 of the way down the page. A very unusual place to find an Aurora reference! Found at

    Re: Area 51, Facility S4?
    A thread on a Usenet newsgroup on aliens. Discusses the Aurora, Area 51, etc. Found on

    Testor's XR-7
    A description of Testor's new plastic model kits in September 1993. A line of models was released under the "Aurora Program Series," including the SR-75 Penetrator and XR-7 Thunder Dart.

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