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    'Aurora' is the alleged top-secret hypersonic aircraft project undertaken by the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. This site was established for informational purposes only. It is not responsible for claims made at the linked sites, and no specific claims or beliefs are inferred.

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  • Articles
    The best information about the Aurora as published in newspapers, magazines, books, and original website content.
    Out of the Black: Secret Mach 6 Spy Plane
    A Popular Science article from March 1993, written by Bill Sweetman. Found on Adrian Mann's site.

    Aurora Caught on Video?
    An article from the Sun Herald in November 1998. Found on Simon Gray's site.

    Is This The AURORA?
    An essay by Nebula editor Paul B. Thompson. Features contrail photos by Alfredo Garcia.

    6.00: Aurora Project or "deep black" projects
    A brief collection of information about Aurora from the early 1990s. Part of a FAQ on aircraft.
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    Noel's Home Page: Aurora
    A general description of the Aurora.

    "The Croft": Subject: C.2. Does the USAF have a hypersonic spyplane called 'Aurora'?
    This is the Aurora section of a widely-distributed FAQ about special aircraft.

    "The Croft": Mach 8 Aircraft
    This is a partial transcription of a Wall Street Journal article on the Aurora from December 1992.

    UFO BBS: Aurora Files in Scotland
    A synopsis of a Scottish newspaper article about the Aurora's possible residence there.

    UFO BBS: Mach 8 Aircraft (Part 1)
    The first part of a transcription of a Wall Street Journal article on the Aurora from December 1992.

    UFO BBS: Mach 8 Aircraft (Part 2)
    The second part of a transcription of a Wall Street Journal article on the Aurora from December 1992.

    UFO BBS: Aurora New US Spy Plane
    Apparently a transcription of a Glasgow Herald article from September 1992.

    UFO BBS: Aurora ??
    An attempt to solve the Aurora mystery by equating it with a NASA flight sciences project.

    UFO BBS: Aurora Mach 8
    This is apparently a collection of Aurora-related postings from Usenet and reactions to them.

    Conspiracy Theories
    An almost random sampling of alleged conspiracies, from the Apollo moon landings, Area 51, and the Aurora. Scroll down the page to see the Aurora section with a great image.

    Stealth Watchers
    An article by Phil Patton in Wired magazine from February 1994.
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    The New Area 51
    An article by Jim Wilson for the June 1997 Popular Mechanics magazine. Here, Wilson asserts that the Area 51 facility was shut down and its operations moved to a new location in Utah. This article was widely derided by military aircraft fans for journalistic and speculative errors. Nevertheless, the online article has several attractive images, and it's pleasant entertainment.
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  • The same article in plain-text format

    Area 51 Closed?
    In a very pointed rebuttal, Steve Douglass refutes the claim made in Popular Mechanics that operations at Area 51 were moved to another location in Utah. Douglass makes a direct response to Jim Wilson's Popular Mechanics article from June 1997. Found on TOTSE site.

    Aurora Again: USA to Russia in About an Hour?
    A fairly well-written, short article about the Aurora
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    Scientists' and Engineers' Dreams Taking to Skies as 'Black' Aircraft
    An article by William B. Scott for Aviation Week & Space Technology, December 24, 1990. Found on Dubery Aviation Page.
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    Dubery Aviation Page: Project Aurora
    An excellent collection of Aurora articles from Aviation Week & Space Technology in the early 1990s. Highly recommended.

    Recent Sightings of XB-70-Like Aircraft Reinforce 1990 Reports from Edwards Area
    An article by William B. Scott for Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 24, 1992. Found on Dubery Aviation Page.

    United 747 Crew Reports Near-Collision with Mysterious Supersonic Aircraft
    An article by Michael A. Dornheim for Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 24, 1992. Found on Dubery Aviation Page.

    Secret Aircraft Encompasses Qualities of High-Speed Launcher for Spacecraft
    An article by William B. Scott for Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 24, 1992. Found on Dubery Aviation Page.

    Visitations: UFO FAQ on Aurora
    A very good series of excerpted articles from Aviation Week & Space Technology, Popular Science, The New York Times, Associated Press, and other sources.
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    "": Aurora Articles
    A collection of several good, widely-distributed articles about the Aurora. Transcripted from a Usenet posting.

    Project Black: Monitoring the Airwaves for Secret Aircraft
    An article by Steve Douglass, alleged to be the first to photograph the "donuts" contrails.
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    New Swing Wing Stealth Attack Plane?
    An article for Popular Science magazine by Stuart F. Brown and Steve Douglass, January 1995. This article makes an interesting argument that an alleged AX-17 stealth attack aircraft could have been mistaken for the Aurora.

    Aurora NOT!
    Steve Douglass investigates the authenticity of an alleged Aurora photograph. A very good piece of detective work.

    Secret Advanced Vehicles Demonstrate Technologies for Future Military Use
    An article for Aviation Week & Space Technology, October 1, 1990, with unnamed author. Found on TOTSE site.

    NASA's Right Stuff Cuts the Costs of Orbiting
    By Ben Sandilands for Australia's Business Review Weekly magazine, November 23, 1998. Contains a paragraph on "Dark Aurora." Going by the description, Dark Aurora is simply another name for the same story.

    Experimental Planes
    An attempt to answer a personal question about an "X-Files" episode with a reference to "The Aurora Project." This proves that some "X-Filers" are completely engrossed in their show.

    Shadowcraft: UFOs, Spy Planes, or Something Else?
    An article by noted space author James Oberg, for, March 17, 2000. Oberg plays "devil's advocate" with the beliefs of the Aurora and mystery aircraft.
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    Exposing the Black Budget
    An article by Phil Patton in Wired magazine from Novemeber 1995.

    British MoD Expert Tells Why He Views Some UFOs as E.T.
    An interesting interview with a former employee at the UFO desk at the British Ministry of Defence.

    Dark Eagles: A History of Top Secret U.S. Aircraft Programs
    A review of Curtis Peebles' book by the U.S. Naval War College. Two paragraphs at the end address Peebles' skeptical stance regarding the Aurora.

    Argyll, Scotland - The UK's Area 51?
    Two very informative articles about a NATO air base in Scotland and its alleged role in hosting the Aurora. The second article is "Machrihanish: The Truth at Last?" Found on

    What is Aurora?
    An article by Matthew Williams for Also includes a Bill Sweetman article titled "Mystery Contact May Be Aurora."

    The U.S. Air Force, Anti-Gravitation & UFO's
    A paper by Pierre Guerin for Flying Saucer Review. An attempt to discuss many different issues all at the same time.
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    Paint it Black
    A hypercritical review of classified programs by Christopher Weir for Uses Bill Sweetman as a primary interview source.

    Secret US Military Testing?
    A short opinion on secret experimental aircraft. The author is skeptical of Aurora, but does not present an argument.

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