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    'Aurora' is the alleged top-secret hypersonic aircraft project undertaken by the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. This site was established for informational purposes only. It is not responsible for claims made at the linked sites, and no specific claims or beliefs are inferred.

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  • General Websites
    Many pages that discuss the Aurora are subpages of websites with wider themes. These sites are featured here.
    Once one of the leading websites on UFOs and peripheral subjects. Archived and not maintained since early 2000.

    Aliens on Earth
    Formerly known as Ufomind, probably the leading resource of information about UFOs and the unexplained. Moved to this location in 1999, using the same content as the Ufomind site. No longer maintained, but still a good resource.

    Aliens on Earth: Secret Military Aircraft
    Aliens on Earth's collection of links to articles on secret aircraft, with many on Aurora.

    This is Rocket Science
    Adrian Mann's homepage. Adrian created most of the best speculative images of the Aurora. Here is the link to his entire site.
    A collection of information on UFOs, secret aircraft, and mysteries.
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    Above Top Secret
    A very popular, well-researched site on secret programs and mysteries of all kinds. Maintained by Simon Gray.
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  • Mirror site on (similar to above)
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    Top Secret Aircraft - hosted by Loy Lawhon UFOs/Aliens - Top Secret Aircraft
    A portal on hosted by Loy Lawhon. A well-researched set of links on a wide variety of topics.

    Nebula is the UFO news service of ParaScope. The site hosts a good series of pages called "Is This The AURORA?" with a notable contrail sighting and images.

    Black Dawn
    An attractive, yet annoyingly-framed site, with features on the Aurora, TR-3, Brilliant Buzzard, and more.

    "The Croft"
    An unnamed website which lists links to pages about the SR-71, U-2 and Aurora

    Mysterious and Unique Aircraft
    Covers many specialized aircraft, including current X-plane projects, hypersonic research, and many historic aircraft. Unfortunately, no coverage of the Aurora other than an external link.

    Above Top Secret: Aircraft Projects
    No less than 20 pages of information on special aircraft projects.

    Stealth Fighters @ SpyBean WebSite
    A consise look at several of the U.S. military's special aircraft, including the Aurora.

    The Truth
    A site listing many secret aircraft projects, including Aurora, the TR-3A, and Brilliant Buzzard.

    Area 51 Command Post
    A poorly-framed site with information about Area 51 and various projects.

    Filer's Research Institute
    A site of UFO reports and investigations.

    UFOSeek: The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine
    A directory of almost 3,000 sites including military aircraft.

    UFOSeek: Military Aircraft
    A list of UFOSeek's links to military aircraft pages.

    Above Top Secret: The American Black Triangle
    A description of an Aurora-type flying black triangle.

    The Unexplained
    The site featuring pages on Area 51, Government Projects and more.

    Paranormal Research Primer: Craft Index
    An index to a wide variety of aircraft including Aurora and a Black Aircraft section.

    Alberta UFO Study Group: Mystery Aircraft Links
    An outdated collection of secret aircraft links.

    Conspiracy: SR-71 Retirement
    Two theories on why the SR-71 Blackbird may have been retired in the early 1990s.

    Advanced Flying Machines
    A short essay linking secret aircraft and Area 51 to Aurora and "UFOs."

    The Ultra Top Secret TR-3B
    An essay on the TR-3 Black Manta, with a passing reference to the Aurora.

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